Hey to all,

My name is Tracy McClary, I'm a native Idahoan and proud of it! My travels, mostly with my parents, have taken me to most of the 50 states, Canada and Mexico. In those visits I have seen the many wonders that God has made. What a wonderful God He is!

My work has mostly been in the outdoors, having worked on different ranches, from cattle to sheep. I've also worked construction, building pole barns and houses. The greatest opportunity that I've had is to be a volunteer fire fighter and training officer. All of these jobs have allowed me to be in God's great outdoors, how privileged I feel.

God in His great love has spared me from several bad situations and to Him I give the glory!

That is why I feel so privileged in being a part of the Northern Lights. My job there is vocals and rhythm guitar. I sing with everything that I have to thank God for all that He has given me and my family.

My wish for all who visit our web site is that they come to know God the Father and Jesus the Son, through the gift of music.