Words and Music by Wade Higgins

The Pharaoh held them all as slaves God said "Let My people go". In His hands they crossed the sea; The rock let that water flow. Follow a pillar of cloud by day and fire that lit the night. All to bring His people out of sin and to His marvelous Light.

We sing Hallelujah praises to Our Lord. He brought us out of Egypt and led us by His Word. Our Savior and Messiah, too. He guides us on His way. Toward His awesome Kingdom in His Great and Glorious Day!

The building was packed with worshipers, as full as it could be. All were there in one accord to worship true and free. Thunderous tongues of flame shot down. The Holy Spirit came that day. The hand of God to help us walk his straight and narrow way.

We sing Hallelujah, praise to our God. He calls us out and uses us even though we're badly flawed. We spread the news, the gospel song we sing of God's good plan. To redeem the world from all our sins and salvation for all man.

Sound the horn and clap your hands. Proclaim His Word on high. We've put our lives in His great hands. We'll meet Him in the sky. The Devil bound, His Kingdom come, Jerusalem shines so bright. No more tears and no more pain. Surrounded by God's light.

We sing Hallelujah, praises to our King. Join our voices at the throne as the elder angels sing. The redemption of our Lord draws near. We're covered by His blood. People of the Most High God we're basking in His Love.