Praise God

Words and Music by Wade Higgins

Praise God for snow capped mountaintops, desert rocks and seas. Praise God for wild flower blooms and beauty of the trees. Praise God for all the beasts on earth; cattle, fish and birds. Praise God for His unfailing love He shows us through His Word.

Chorus We raise our eyes up to the sky. We lift our hands and sing. Our prayers go forth to all the world, just hear our voices ring. The blessings God has given us, give praise for everything. Lift this song up to the Lord, Praise God! Our Mighty King!

Praise God for the works He's done to save both you and me. Praise God, our Redeemer gave His life to set us free. We place our lives in His strong hands, while down on bended knee. Rise up and go to all the world and set the captives free! (Chorus)

Sing praises to our God on high, we worship You today. Prepare to go in the fight, You're with us all the way. Arm ourselves with sword and shield, with righteousness and faith. You're on our side, we just can't stop, we'll never be afraid! (Chorus)