Praise Aloud

Words and Music by Jeff Mills

There's a hope that dwells within us, a better world yet to come. No more suffering and sorrow, for all mankind a new home. We trust in the promise, His word is true and sure. All the old things will be done away; the new things will be pure.

Chorus Praise aloud, raise up His name. Let it echo from the hills, tell the world of His fame. Shout out for joy; raise your voice in song. He will return, it won't be long. Over the seas, across the plains. The King of kings and Lord of lords, forever He reigns. Praise aloud.

It's the life we have chosen, God called us each one. Sanctified and cleansed us, through the blood of His Son. Now we are a holy people, we've been given the right. To see His face, to be transformed, to have eternal life. (Chorus)

The day will soon be coming, peace and harmony at last. All things that we suffer now, will soon be in the past. It's a new life we're all livin'; walking in His light. Lift your heads and look up, redemption draws nigh. (Chorus)