I'm Kati, from Kati's Korner. I LOVE playing the bass, even though I can't actually read sheet music. I only know the basic notes (plus a few flats) and I'm getting better at those. I also try to sing while playing, but according to my younger sister and my Dad, I can't carry a tune. I don't really care - I like to sing. I play flute in my high school concert band, and occasionally for special music at church. Actually, it's not my flute - it belongs to my Mom; and my bass belongs to my Dad - at least the nice one does. I own a fakey Wal-Mart bass.

I am the oldest of three girls - one two years younger than me, and one ten years younger. Dad really hoped for a boy all three times. Poor him. He is just going to have to be content with us.

Well, that's all about me. Come visit us soon!