Glory of God

Words and Music by Wade Higgins

I took a walk one quiet day by the pine graced mountain stream, silent listening to the sounds of the forest surrounding me. The best of all times to get near to my Father in the sky. The questions I most had to ask, What am I doing? Who am I? What's the answer my dear God?

(Chorus) That's the glory of our God, that's His gift to all mankind - His love for us. That's the reason that He died. He has called us to His Throne to share His love. That's the glory of our God!

Take a look around right now where is the beauty that you see, it's in the hearts of those who care - it's in the way things ought to be. We give our lives to fellow man spread the gospel everywhere. The way of life our Christ did lead is the story we must share. That's the glory of our God. (chorus)

The answer's clear now in my mind God's love helped me to believe, what am I doing? Not enough - God has given His grace to me. An undeserved gift of life - for after all Who am I? I heard the answers to my prayers underneath the cloudless sky. That's the glory of our God. (chorus)